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Our management team and staff have a vast knowledge base of real world experiences, including valuation, consulting, along with development of commercial properties, construction, architecture, home rehabilitation, brokerage services, and property management services.

Our company subscribes to the most reliable real estate resources in the area including Triad Matrix MLS (Greensboro Regional Realtors Association), Costar (largest commercial database/MLS system in the U.S.), Karnes Research (Regional commercial MLS service),

How to handle a low appraisal
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Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

Our company was founded in 1982 by my father Harold Messick who was the chief appraiser with a local savings and loan (1st Home Federal) and they were closing their appraisal section and offered to let him start his business in a vacant space in the bank and give us all of their appraisals etc. Now 32 years later we offer appraisals, property management and brokerage services for clients all over the US.

Why would someone receive a lower appraised value than assumed?

Most homeowners have a "number" in mind which is more than likely based on what they "need" in order to refinance or be able to move out to another home etc. Base you value on FACTS and not on "WHAT YOU NEED" to make a deal work and you'll always have success!

What are some consequences of receiving a low appraisal?

Low appraisals result in stress for mortgage brokers, property owners, buyers, and believe it or not APPRAISERS who are often seen as the "bad guy" when in fact they are the MOST regulated industry in real estate right now and have to follow strict USPAP and Ethics guidelines . Sometimes disgruntled parties turn in appraisers to the Appraisal Board if they don't like their value etc. Homeowners should know however this will go no where unless an appraiser is proven to have violated Standards of Professional Practice or Ethics. Again, its best to avoid low appraisals by educating yourself on your market or finding an appraiser or broker who is educated on your market.

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Receive the real estate services you need with Messick and Company Appraisals and Consulting in Greensboro, North Carolina. Our family-owned-and-operated corporation provides quality appraisal and consulting services with a professional and friendly staff.

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